About us

Titon is a leading UK supplier of Ventilation Systems and Window Hardware with a reputation for quality products and high levels of customer service. Formed in 1972 by our present Deputy Chairman, we currently employ over 160 people, mainly at our Head Office in Colchester and at our state-of-the-art manufacturing base at Haverhill.

Titon remained a private Company until 1988, when we floated on the (then) Unlisted Securities Market. In 1992 we became Fully Listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Building on our long-standing position as the leading UK supplier of background ventilators, we now supply a comprehensive range of ventilation systems, both passive and powered. This opportunity for organic growth has come about through changes in the UK Building Regulations which are driving up the air tightness standards for buildings. This in turn has introduced the need for innovative low energy mechanical ventilation systems, of which we have some excellent products and for which we provide a comprehensive design service to our customers.

As well as a strong presence in the Ventilation Market, we are a leading supplier of Window and Door Hardware and market our own distinctively designed window handle ranges in addition to a comprehensive range of hinge and security locking systems.

Exports account for 20% of our business and we supply our products to a range of overseas markets. The USA market is supplied through our wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc. and we have a Joint Venture operation in Korea where we also have manufacturing facilities. We have appointed distributors within most other major world markets. Our policy is to work closely with those distributors to effectively market our products and to support them in providing the high level of service synonymous with the Titon brand.

For information on our products and services, visit www.titon.com