About us

Titon Holdings Plc is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of ventilation systems and window and door hardware with a reputation for quality products and high levels of customer service. Formed in 1972 we employ over 230 people, with 190 in the UK and 43 in South Korea. Titon has a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, ticker is TON, with a current market capitalisation of £22m.

Titon has a strong presence in the UK residential ventilation market with a comprehensive range of mechanical and natural ventilation products and is also a leading supplier of window and door hardware. We sell our products into a range of European markets and the USA market is supplied through a wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc.

We entered into a Joint Venture in South Korea with a local partner in 2008 and have our own manufacturing facilities in Seoul. This business has captured over 75% of the market share for natural ventilation in the new build market in South Korea and now represents a significant source of profits for the Titon Group.


For information on our products and services, visit www.titon.com